Expert Personal Training

Our day-training “personal trainer” program is perfect for the busy professional or family who would prefer expert training over instruction, producing a well-trained dog quickly and without interrupting your busy schedule. Expert Personal Training starts with an evaluation meeting (via secured Zoom meeting) in which we discuss your training goals for your dog, which I can then use to determine the number of weeks needed to achieve those goals. I will demonstrate some of the methods I will use and recommend management techniques that you can implement at home for immediate relief and improvement. I will then work with your dog one-on-one for three to four sessions a week. After each meeting with your dog I leave you a report explaining your dog’s progress, and I will meet with you weekly to show you your dog’s progress and teach you how to maintain it. I only take a few clients at a time so that I devote my time and considerable experience, knowledge and skills to you.

This is ideal for rowdy adolescent dogs who desperately need more exercise but have no leash manners, for young puppies who need prompt instruction during their formative weeks, for dogs with behavior issues that make it difficult to work with them in public, and for anyone who wants exceptional professional training. It took me years to gain the skills that I can apply to training your dog – and then all you need to learn is how to maintain the training once your dog already knows his part. This is like board-and-train without sending your dog away. You get expert training and a well-behaved dog, and your dog will enjoy it, too!

“Expert Personal Trainer” appointments are $160 per session; discount packages are available. Do you want a well-behaved, dependable, confident, happy dog? Why live with bad manners any longer?

Due to very high demand, Private Lessons and Expert Personal Training are often booked 2-3 weeks in advance.

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