Training Articles at Other Sites

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Growing Up FDSA – “A collection of “must have” articles from the instructors of Fenzi Dog Sports Academy”.  Focused on raising a sports-oriented dog, but many of these resources are great for every puppy.

ClickTrain Keeper Page – The collected words of wisdom from the ClickTrain e-mail discussion list.

Clicker Training Lessons from Mary Woodward & Susan Greenholt of Greenwood Dog Training School in Wilmington, DE.

Shirley’s Clicker Training Lessons as posted to ClickTrain by M. Shirley Chong.

ClickerSolutions’ Training Articles – Advice from Drs. Suzanne Hetts and Dan Estep.

4Paws University Dog Training and Behavior Article Library.

ClickerTrain USA – Basic clicker information and videos.

ClickFlicks” Clicker training videos.

Video Training Tips – Short, simple reward-based tips at VideoJug.

BehaviorWorks Behavior Toolkit – A flowchart for analyzing and changing behavior for advanced behaviorists