“Training doesn’t limit a dog. Training frees a dog.
My dog, being trained, is free – free to walk with me, free to ride with me,
free to play off-leash with other dogs, free to learn and run.
An untrained dog is “free” to sit in the backyard
where he can get into as little trouble as possible.”
– Sue Ailsby

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Local Resources – other area trainers, daycares and pet sitters, mobile vets, and more

Local Dog Parks

General Training

Get Started with Clicker Training  – learn how to use this powerful and fun tool!

Working from Home Tips – some ideas for keeping your dog quiet, from Office Buddies

Dog looks at the owner who is holding a clicker, poised to mark a moment of good behavior!
Photo by Meredith Moulton

NEW! Boredom Busters – keeping your dog out of trouble while sheltering in place

Needs More Attention – has your lifestyle change left your dog wanting more?  Here’s some advice.

Three Truths About Dogs – Read this first to gain insight into dog behavior.

Quick Fix Tools – A little management goes a long way to helping with behavior problems.

Six Secrets to a Good Dog – Keys to your dog’s good behavior.

I Never Thought It Would Work, But It Did! – Things you can do to improve your dog’s behavior, even if you doubt it

Stress Signs in Dogs – How to read subtle body language.

Don’t Say “No!”…? – What clicker trainers really advise to stop bad habits.

Ditch the bowl! – List of recommended enrichment products

Finding Time to Train – Use your daily routine to improve your dog’s behavior.

Dog Body Language – Learn to understand what your dog is “saying”

Longer-Term Tools – train incompatible behaviors to solve common problems.

One-Week Attention “Fix” – Teach your dog to focus on you, not distractions.

Target Training – teaching your dog to find and follow a target – more useful than you might guess!

Friendly Dogs – Prevent aggression and maintain good canine mental health

Games you can play to increase obedience – and have fun!

Dog Parks – what you should know before you go, and where the San Jose-area ones are.

Breeding Your Dog – If you’re considering this adventure, be prepared! Guest article by Wendy Dreyer

Tips for Spot-On Recall – Teach your dog to come when called. Published in Bay Woof magazine.

Mostly for Puppies and New Dogs

Pre-Puppy checklist – all the things you need to consider before getting a puppy

Puppy Play-Biting – is your puppy biting you and playing too roughly? Check here for solutions!

House-proofing Your Dog — teach your dog to act appropriately in your house, including what not to chew.

Housetraining Your Dog — teach your dog where to go to the bathroom.

Before You Get Your Puppy – advice from Dr. Ian Dunbar (PDF file)

Problem Solving

Barking – different kinds of barking and ways you can reduce it or use it.

Separation Anxiety/Alone training – how to teach your dog to be comfortable when you’re gone.

Training The Deaf Dog – just because your dog can’t hear doesn’t mean that training has to be difficult!

Counter Surfing – how I trained my own dog to stop stealing food

Harnesses and other equipment to reduce pulling


Independence Day – enjoy the Fourth of July independent of fear and worry!

Surviving the Halloween Nightmare – have a safe and happy Halloween with your dog!

Holiday Tips – have safe and happy winter holidays!

How to Find a Lost Dog

Understanding Clicker Training

What is Clicker Training – a short introduction

Stacy’s Animal Trainer’s Guide – the theory behind animal training

Local Resources – other area trainers, daycares and pet sitters, mobile vets, and more

Local Dog Parks


Stacy’s blog – on advanced concepts in training, book reviews, and more