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Last updated May 10, 2024
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Ongoing Events / Puppy Socials

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January 2024

January is National Train Your Dog Month , Shelter Dog Prevention Month, Walk Your Pet Month, and Unchain Your Dog Month

All Month

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Declares January “National Train Your Dog Month!” The APDT announces a new annual campaign to promote the benefits of positive training and socialization to create a healthy relationship between dogs and their owners. Hundreds of thousands of dogs have been turned into animal shelters because their owners didn’t know how to deal with behavior problems and couldn’t find a reliable resource to help them. We, at the APDT, think it is long overdue to dedicate a month where we can bring awareness to the importance of socialization and training, and most of all, to inform the public that training your dog can be simple and fun! The APDT has selected January as the perfect month because, as we all know, so many dogs and puppies are adopted and brought home during the winter holidays. Our desire is to help these new pet parents start off the new year with their newest family member in the best way possible. It is our hope that the everyday dog owners will visit our Web site, so that they can see how easy and fun training can be, and how patience, consistency and a deeper understanding of their dog’s behavior can lead to happier, healthier and harmonious households. We have a wide range of topics that we’ve covered so that pet owners will recognize themselves & their dogs. We have provided a great deal of information that will help using methods that are kind gentle and that have an emphasis on building your relationships with your dogs. In addition the APDT has more than 5000 members who are willing and able to help dog owners who need help with their dogs. If there is one thing that current television shows about dog training have taught the public its that there are solutions to help dogs with behavior problems and there are alternatives to try before giving up your dog. Our web site content will include contests winners from our membership, downloadable handouts on training, and regular updates on Facebook and Twitter with fun ideas and tips on how to train your dog. APDT members nationwide will help promote the event and focus on bringing awareness to their own home towns. Please join the APDT in celebrating National Train Your Dog Month! See

January 2

“National Pet Travel Safety Day”. National Pet Travel Safety Day, recognized on January 2nd annually, was founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Animal Advocate and former EMT-Medic, Colleen Paige, to highlight the dangers of unsecured pets in vehicles and educate the public about how to make vehicle travel safer for people and the pets they love. For more information see

January 14

“National Dress Up Your Pet Day”. Dress Up Your Pet Day is an opportunity to wow the neighbors, and to unleash the inner diva of your favorite pooch or Persian… Why not go the extra mile, and get the little guy or gal something to match your finest glad rags – that way you can both dress to impress and really set some trends! It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Does your pet have an impeccable sense of style? Today is the perfect opportunity to break out the bejeweled collars, sassy sweaters, and fashion accessories. A Weimaraner named Man Ray is arguably the most famous dressed-up pet in American history. In the 1970s he collaborated with his owner, photographer William Wegman, to produce a collection of internationally acclaimed portraits. Whether you choose to dress your pet in a little devil costume from Halloween, a miniature tiara, or your Aunt Mildred’s floral dress, snap a photo of your pet in a fabulous outfit to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

January ? 2024

“Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show,” Cow Palace Main Arena, North & South Exhibition Halls and Lower Exhibit Building, 2600 Geneva Avenue, Daly City (San Francisco). Judging starts each morning at 8:30am and continues at 9pm, but the best hours for the public to attend the event are between 9am and 5pm. Event includes flyball, rally, Canine Good Citizens Test, vendors, an all-breed fashion show, and of course conformation competitions. This is a “benched” dog show. “Benched dog shows are a rare breed (pardon the pun), with only a few still existing in the United States. They are unique because the dogs are on display throughout the show, not only during events or judging. This means that you have a chance to interact with the dogs and get to know them more personally… only dogs that are entered in the show and service animals are allowed inside the Cow Palace.” General Admission – $15 (discounts for seniors, children and families. Discount admission coupons available at Pet Food Express. Tickets are available online at Ticketmaster or day of show on site at the Cow Palace Box Office. For more information see

January ?, 2025

“All-Breed and Rare Breed Conformation Dog Show,” Santa Rosa. Conformation trial with written critiques from each of your judges and the opportunity to earn International Titles. This show will be indoors. For more information see

January ?, 2025

“Mutual Rescue Film Festival,” doors open at 1:00pm,  Hammer Theatre, 101 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose. You are cordially invited to an afternoon of uplifting stories of powerful relationships between pets and their people. Get a sneak preview of The Love is Mutual and five new Mutual Rescue Moments, experience the world premiere of Tanner & Rei, and be inspired by the people who made the films possible. Each ticket includes general admission seating as well as the opportunity to meet film stars and the Mutual Rescue team after the show. Door opens at 1:00pm; program begins at 2:00pm; meet-and-greet at 3:30pm. For a free ticket, see

January 30–March 3

“Disney Pop-up at the SF SPCA Adoption Center”, Tue: 1–6pm; Wed- Sun: 11am–6pm, San Francisco SPCA Adoption Center, 250 Florida Street, San Francisco. Come see the special pop-up of The Walt Disney Family Museum’s Disney Cats & Dogs exhibition at our adoption center. Enjoy a free pair of tickets to the special exhibition when you adopt an animal from the SF SPCA, while supplies last.

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February 2024

February is Spay/Neuter Month, Responsible Pet Owner Month, and Dog Training Education Month!
Also: National Prevent a Litter Month, Pet Dental Health Month, Responsible Animal Guardian Month, and Unchain a Dog Month

All February

“Spay/Neuter Month,” Humane Society Silicon Valley, 901 Ames, Milpitas. Throughout February, spay/neuter surgeries are on sale. The cost includes a brief pre-op exam, pre-anesthetic, anesthetic, hospitalization on the day of surgery, and the Spay-Neuter surgery itself. We do have additional charges for those animals in-heat, pregnant, cryptorchid and/or obese ($50 for each 15 minutes time period) and all animals must be current on all vaccinations. Additionally, we have mandatory take-home pain medication. By appointment only! Space is Limited. Call 408.727.3383 x827 or x828 to set up an appointment.

All February

“National Canine Weight Check”. This February, be your dog’s best friend. Join us for the National Canine Weight Check. In February, veterinarians across the country are teaming up for the first-ever National Canine Weight Check, a free and simple way to help you determine if your dog is overweight. Just take your dog to a participating veterinary office, and in many cases, you won’t even need an appointment. For more information and to find a participating vet, click here.

February 5 (every year)

“Thank a Positive Reinforcement Champion Day”, everywhere. In honor of the birthday of Dr. Sophia Yin, take a moment today to thank someone who has been helping to spread the word of positive training and gentle handling!

February ? 2024

Yappy Hour, 6-8 pm, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, Walnut Creek. Unwind after work over cold drinks, smiling faces, and the company of furry, new friends. Doesn’t that sound paw-sitively amazing? The Yappy Hour festivities include delicious food and two drink tickets are included, more can be purchased; animal-themed trivia; fun games; photo ops with adorable animals. Plus, attendees get a chance to view all the wonderful dogs and cats looking for homes. If you see one you like, guests are welcome to return on Friday (during adoption hours) to visit and bring home a new four-legged family member.  For more information see

February ? 2024

“Palo Alto Humane Society presents Virtual Yappy Hour,” 5:00-6:30 pm, online event from Palo Alto. Palo Alto Humane Society (PAHS) presents VIRTUAL YAPPY HOUR – a family-friendly event via Zoom on Thu, Feb 11 (5:00 – 6:30 pm). This popular PAHS event brings the community and their pets together. Victor Adint will host, and guests are encouraged to bring pet(s) and preferred beverage and snacks. Attendees will be able to participate in interactive games, win prizes and share stories. Special poolside background provided by Sheraton Palo Alto. $10. Register at for Zoom link.

February ?, 2024

“Fear-Free Pet Behavior Symposium,” virtual. Hosted by the SF/SPCA. The conference will focus on three audiences: Veterinary Professionals, Shelter Personnel, and Pet Guardians. Featuring renowned Fear Free founder Dr. Marty Becker, SF SPCA Senior VP of Rescue and Welfare Dr. Jeannine Berger, SF SPCA staff veterinarian Dr. Wailani Sung, and a variety of Fear Free experts from the veterinary and shelter world, this all-virtual symposium will focus on the practical and environmental concepts of Fear Free as well as the latest strategies and processes demonstrated in veterinary clinics and shelters today. For more information see the website.

February 14 (every year)

Pet Theft Awareness Day“. Pet Theft Awareness Day is meant to call attention to the importance of pet identification methods. It is a day for considering just how much the presence of an animal can enrich a family and also the responsibility that goes with it. It is a day that encourages those with pets to take steps to ensure the animal’s security and their own peace of mind. Launched in 1988 by the Last Chance for Animals organization, Pet Theft Awareness Day is aimed at educating animal owners in keeping their pets safe from thieves. With almost 2 million pets being stolen annually in America alone, the threat is real. Two options are to have pets microchipped or tattooed, which can provide an opportunity for some group bonding.

February 15, 2024 (every third Thursday)

“Reading with Dogs” – 5pm-6pm, Pup Plaza, 14408 Union Avenue, San Jose.  FREE – Children (6+ years old and up) are invited to practice their reading skills with Furry Friends Assisted Therapy at Pup Plaza!  Books (and dogs!) will be provided, but children can bring their own book if they choose.  Pup Plaza provides a casual, fun environment to read in the company of gentle and loving dogs.  Admission is free, no registration required. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  For more info. check out our website at and

February 20 (every year)

“Love Your Pet Day,” everywhere! This “unofficial” National holiday is a day set aside to give extra attention to and pamper your pets that you love everyday. This is a good day to focus on the special relationship that you have with your pets. For more information see

February 22 (every year)

“National Walk Your Dog Day” February 22 is National Walk Your Dog Day! This day combines two of the most happy-making things we have in this life: dogs and exercise. Humans love walking with their four-legged friends, and pooches love their strolls with their people. This special day was first created in 2010 as a way of reminding people that walking their dog is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. It’s also a great way to get out and enjoy some fresh air with your pup, and build stronger bonds between you two. So grab your walking shoes, a leash, and some treats for the road, and take your favorite pooch for a stroll to celebrate National Walking the Dog Day!

February 24

World Spay Day,” everywhere. World Spay Day shines a spotlight on spay/neuter as a proven means of saving the lives of companion animals, community (feral and stray) cats, and street dogs who might otherwise be put down in a shelter or killed on the street. Each year, World Spay Day – the last Tuesday in February – provides an opportunity for organizations, agencies, clinics, and individuals to join together in a global movement to raise awareness of the life-saving importance of spaying and neutering. This year, events were held in 41 countries, including all 50 U.S. states. Are you looking to have your pet spayed or neutered? Low-cost resources are available in the U.S. and may be available internationally! For more information see

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March 2024

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month

March 1 (start)

“Second Annual 50 Mile Walk/Run to Save Animals” The SF SPCA is hosting the Second Annual 50 Mile Walk/Run to Save Animals! And we want you to join us in fun by committing to walking/running 50 miles during the month of March to help animals in need.  Join our private Facebook group and follow the instructions to set up a fundraiser for the SF SPCA—it just takes a few minutes to set up.  Then, ask your friends to support you in walking/running to help save animals.  As of March 1, start logging your miles and working toward your goal – you have the entire month to complete the 50 miles. We promise it will be a fun way to get your daily steps in! Plus, every step you take will help save and protect animals in need.

March 3

“If Pets Had Thumbs Day”. If Pets Had Thumbs Day leaves you wondering what would happen if……. One thing that sets humans apart from many other species on the planet is an opposable thumb. It allows us to do many things that other creatures can’t do. Now imagine what it would be like if your pet had thumbs. Do you get a clear image of your pet with thumbs? Are you seeing your pet doing things with their new thumb? If so, your mind is in spirit with today. Note: If you have a pet monkey, you already know what it would be like for your pet to have thumbs. For more information see

March ?, 2025 (start)

Iditarod Race,” Alaska.

March ? 202r (First Full Week in March)

Professional Pet Sitters Week,” everywhere. The annual celebration of professional pet sitters has pet parents gearing up to thank those trusted individuals who take care of their furry companions. The week-long event recognizes the commitment and dedication of professional pet sitters nationwide.

March ? 2025

Crufts (The World’s Largest Dog Show)” Birmingham, England.  “A celebration of dogs – Crufts attracts over 20,000 competitors alongside hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is broadcast to an international television audience.”

March 13

“K9 Veterans Day” March 13 marks the birthday of the United States K9 Corp. Unofficially, it’s known as “K9 Veterans Day”- a national effort to annually honor all war dogs – from Border Patrol K9s to Bomb Detection K9s to the Therapy Dogs that help human veterans recover from their traumatic injuries. This week’s newsletter is dedicated to all military working dogs worldwide and their handlers – those on active duty, retired, deceased, or fallen heroes. For information see

March ? 2023

“St. Pawtrick’s Day Play Dates – Mission Bay,”  Healthy Spot Mission Bay, 1200 4th Street, #Suite F, San Francisco. Celebrate the luck of the Irish at our St. Pawtrick’s Day Play Dates! Put on your green attire and join us for our luckiest event of the year! Make matching charms for you and your pup, enter our Pup Chug Contest and let your dog meet new pals with an hour of off-leash play. After playtime, grab a drink token and head to Sip Bar at SPARK Social SF to enjoy a beverage. For more information see Eventbrite

March ? 2024

“St. Pitty’s Day!” 10-5, Contra Costa Animal Services, 4800 Imhoff Pl, Martinez.  Join us for our annual St. Pitty’s Day celebration on Saturday, March 16th from 10am – 5pm. At our Martinez shelter we’ll have food, drinks, vendors, and local rescues. At both locations, all Bully Breeds will be FREE to qualified homes, and all other animals will be $25! This annual event is an opportunity to showcases our wonderful Bully Breed shelter dogs, enlighten and educate the public about this amazing breed and highlight the work of our transfer groups who specialize in this breed of dog. There will also be some Star Wars characters from Rebel Legion Endor Base and Golden Gate Garrison walking around, and posing for pictures! For more information see

March 17-23 2023  (Third Full Week in March)

National Animal Poison Prevention WeekNational Poison Prevention Week raises awareness of poison prevention nationwide during the third full week of March every year. The week is an opportunity to highlight the dangers of poisonings for animals of all ages and promote community involvement in poisoning prevention.

March ? 2023

“Annual Paws on the Avenue”, 1-4 PM, Lincoln Avenue, Willow Glen (San Jose). Dress Fido in his finest and join us for the 2nd Annual Paws on the Avenue! This free event is presented by District 6 Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio, the Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP) and the Willow Glen Business Association (WGBA) Hop on over to downtown Willow Glen for the 2nd Annual Paws on the Avenue! Dress Fido in his Easter finest, put Bella in her best Easter bonnet, and join us for an Easter stroll. Festivities kick off at 1pm under the balloon arch at 1261 Lincoln Avenue. You and your BFF (best furry friend) will pick up some great treats along the way and then join us for some live music, cake, raffle prizes and of course plenty of great photo opps! Even the Easter Bunny will be making an early appearance – don’t miss him hippity hoppin’ down Lincoln Avenue! Check Facebook regularly for updates on this event! For more information see

March 23

“National Puppy Day”. It’s National Puppy Day! A woman named Colleen Paige declared the first National Puppy Day in 2006. The purpose of the occasion is to celebrate the unconditional love and joy that puppies bring to our lives, and to raise awareness about the horrors of puppy mills. There are more than 8,000 puppy mills and “backyard breeders” in America that supply our nation’s pet stores. The dogs at these puppy mills are kept in terrible conditions and are often killed when they are no longer fertile. How can you make a difference? The official motto of National Puppy Day is, “Adopt instead of shop!” To celebrate National Puppy Day, give a puppy a hug, learn more about this important issue, or adopt a dog from your local shelter!

March ?, 2025

“Pucks & Paws,” 2pm, SAP Center (Shark Tank), San Jose. Have you ever wanted to attend a San Jose Barracuda’s game at the Shark Tank with man’s best friend? The Barracuda will be hosting their second Pucks and Paws game presented by Sheep Dog Whiskey March 26th. Bring your pup to the game and watch the Barracuda take on the Bakersfield Condors. For more information see

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April 2023

April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month National Adopt a Greyhound Adoption Month, National Heartworm Awareness Month, and Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month

April ?

Bay Woof’s Beast of the Bay Award Voting” Our popular reader’s poll is back and voting is live now through Jan 31. Vote for your favorite dog-friendly people, places and things in our 7th Annual Beast of the Bay Awards. Winners will be announced in the ? 2020 issue, and the party to celebrate it all will be at the fabulous El Rio, San Francisco, Saturday, April 11. Sponsorship opportunities are available – call 415-525-4040 for details. Stay tuned to for more info, and don’t forget to VOTE!

Through April 

“Free Spay/Neuter for San Francisco Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes” at the SF SPCA. Did you know that over 60% of the dogs euthanized in the City of San Francisco are at least part pit bull? As part of an awareness campaign and in an effort to encourage San Francisco residents to spay or neuter their unfixed pits, the SF SPCA is offering FREE spay and neuter surgeries for pit bulls and pit mixes during the months of March and April . Please call us at 415-554-3030 to schedule an appointment.

Through April 30

“Registration for National Service Animal Eye Exam Event”. The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists will conduct free eye exams to eligible service animals throughout the month of May. Clinics and hospitals in San Francisco, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Fremont, Palo Alto, Pleasant Hill, San Carlos, San Rafael and Santa Rosa will be participating in the event. To qualify, Service Animals must be “active working animals” that were certified by a formal training program or organization, or are currently enrolled in a formal training program. Owners/agents for the animals must first register the animal via an online registration form 1 at Registration ends April 30.

April 1-7

“International Pooper Scooper Week,” everywhere! The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) was founded in February 2002 by a group of pooper scoopers who believe every dog should have its day. In recognition of a growing problem in our communities, environment, and water tables, aPaws has established a special week of educating pet owners on the importance of cleaning up after their dogs. Dog waste is no joke! If you can’t pick up the dog waste yourself then please hire an aPaws Professional Pooper Scooper! For information about aPaws, the Find-A-Scooper Directory, and other health information, please visit or email For more information see

April 1, 2023 (First Saturday in April)

“Every Day is Tag Day”, everywhere. Millions of dogs and cats are taken to animal shelters as strays each year — but only about 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats who end up in shelters without an ID tag or microchip are reunited with their owners. Why? Because their owners failed to put identification on their animals. Yet even the most responsible pet owners can be accidentally or unexpectedly separated from their pets. That’s why American Humane Association celebrates Every Day Is Tag Day™ on the first Saturday in April each year: to encourage all pet owners to tag and microchip their companion animals. For more information see

April 2

“Don’t Walk Your Dog Day,” If you’ve got a dog who gets nervous, reactive or over-excited on walks and in public places, there is another way to have a calm and happy dog! And if you are unable to walk your dog as often, or as far as you’d like to, don’t feel guilty. Dogs can get brilliant mental and physical stimulation without going through your front door.  For more information, see

March 23-April 7, 2024

“Dog Bar Doggie Easter Egg Hunt!”Dog Bar, 1620 Stoneridge Mall Rd., Pleasanton. It’s Springtime at Dog Bar and flowers are blooming all over the shop! Come explore our *limited time* Easter Egg Hunt nosework game with your pup!  Watch your pup use their extraordinary noses to find TEN delicious treats hidden in eggs throughout our adorable Spring-themed photorooms! Included with your ticket: TEN hidden Easter eggs with your choice of protein treats (chicken or beef); Coupons inside each egg with incredible discounts on some of our local small businesses around the shop; One FREE pup latte at the bar included with your search game; Cute photorooms with plenty of adorable propers to wear for photos of/with your pup; Free off-leash play areas to socialize and play before/after your adventure. This solo-dog game is especially great for shy dogs and puppies to gain confidence within new environments, as they get rewarded for their efforts all along the way! Or, bring a friend and get additional treats to find together! You can also purchase the $5 additional dog option below for them to share one set of treats! Due to our room capacities, only two dogs can fit in each room at a time. Please make sure the doggie friends do not resource guard treats, so they can get along during the search! Reminder: Proof of up-to-date vaccinations for rabies, bordetella, and parvo are required for dogs to participate and enter Dog Bar, so make sure to bring your records in or email them ahead of time to! Book your 20-minute mini-adventure with your pup at

April 6, 2024

“Chillin’ like a Motherpupper,” 1-3pm, Dog Bar, 1620 Stoneridge Mall Rd., Pleasanton. “It’s a motherpuppin’ ice cream social, and your pup is invited! Angie from Motherpuppin’ Enriching Time will be preparing a fun and delicious DIY enrichment activity at Dog Bar on April 6th from 1-3pm! From Angie: ‘All it took was a few sunny days before I was craving some ice cream and I wanted to share that same feeling with my dogs. We’ll be serving up some greek yogurt-based dog-friendly ice cream in some homemade waffle bowls, as well as some homemade heart-shaped waffles over at Dog Bar in Pleasanton on Saturday April 6th from 1pm-3pm. Entry to Dog Bar is FREE but $5 will snag ya a double scoop of ice cream in a waffle bowl for your dog or a heart-shaped waffle (no ice cream) with unlimited toppings from small businesses. The off-leash area will be open for socializing with your fellow ice cream buddies and you’ll be gifted a to-go box for your ice cream so you can enjoy it later as well! RSVP and make sure you are up to date on your vaccinations in order to attend!“. For more information see

April 6, 2024

“Small Dog Adoption Event,” 10-12, Silicon Valley Pet Project at Pup Plaza 14408 Union Avenue, San Jose. Come meet dogs available for adoption in a relaxed fun environment at Pup Plaza on Saturday April 6 from 10am to 12pm. Not yet ready to adopt, or have questions about the ideal dog for you and your family? Stop by during our adoption events and chat with us about what you are looking for, and we can provide some pointers and great resources to find that perfect canine companion for you! For more information see

April 6, 2024

“POMDR at SC Veg Fest,” 10-6, Coconut Grove, Santa Cruz. Join Peace of Mind Dog Rescue at the Santa Cruz Vegfest on April 6 to meet some of our volunteers and learn more about how you can get involved with POMDR to support senior dogs and senior people. We’re proud to join the Santa Cruz Vegfest and value our staff’s and volunteer’s support of our Compassionate Food Policy. For more information see Facebook/event.

April 6, 2024

“Rattlesnake Awareness Training Talk,” 10am, Auditorium, Marin Humane, 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato. Please join us for a one-hour presentation and Q&A to discuss the process of rattlesnake avoidance training utilizing only positive reinforcement. This talk will be led by Jane Aten on Saturday, April 6th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and is $25. As with all training—regardless of methodology—there is always a chance you can inadvertently teach your dog the wrong thing. Most dogs will naturally ignore stationary rattlesnakes. In order to teach dogs to avoid rattlesnakes, we need them to learn to look for rattlesnakes. There will always be an element of risk in teaching rattlesnake avoidance. This workshop will explain how we train dogs with positive reinforcement to be aware of and avoid rattlesnakes. If you are interested in moving forward with training, we will create semi-private lessons (3 dog/guardian teams) for six weeks in a variety of locations. For more information see

April 7-13, 2024 (second full week of April)

National Dog Bite Prevention Week,” National Dog Bite Prevention Week takes place during the third full week of May each year, and focuses on educating people about preventing dog bites. With an estimated population of 83 to 88 million dogs living in U.S. households, millions of people – most of them children – are bitten by dogs every year. The majority of these bites, if not all, are preventable. A program of American Veterinary Medical Association. For more information see

April ?, 2025

“Hoppin’ Hounds Biscuit Hunt”, 9-10:30 AM, Byrne Preserve, 27210 Altamont Rd, Los Altos Hills. Hoppin’ Hounds, an on-leash biscuit hunt for dogs, is back! Join us for a morning of yummy treats and good sniffs. Best of all, any proceeds made will be donated to Pets In Need. $10 per entry. It’s the nineteenth annual Doggie Biscuit Hunt in Los Altos Hills!  You and your dog will hunt through Byrne Preserve in search of dog-healthy biscuits. Pre-biscuit hunt, catch up with all your canine companions while enjoying a coffee bar with humans treats. Tails will wag for this exciting on-leash event is held to benefit the Palo Alto Animal Shelter operated by Pets in Need. Tails will be wagging all around! Learn more and register today:

April ?, 2025 (Saturday before Easter)

Bunnies and Bonnets Parade,” noon, Campbell Avenue (Light Rail tracks to Third Street), Campbell (near San Jose). The annual Bunnies and Bonnets Parade in Downtown Campbell is a family and community affair held on the Saturday just before Easter and follows the City of Campbell’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. In past years the parade has featured marching bands, baton dancers, classic cars, bagpipers, floats, dog clubs, and other assorted things of interest that make up the Campbell area community. This is all just for fun! For more information see or

April ?, 2025

Operation Freedom Paws’ Annual Easter Egg Hunt,” 1-3pm, Operation Freedom Paws Canine Education Center, 13920 Llagas Avenue, San Martin. Join us at OFP for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the OFP Canine Education Center. Bring your whole family as we have fun for all! Children 10 and under may come to hunt while others enjoy face painting and meeting the Easter Bunny. For more information and to register see

April 8

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day,” everywhere. In honor of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day (NDFAD) on Wednesday, April 8, we’re asking animal advocates across the country to help us Get Tough on dog fighting. This brutal form of animal cruelty occurs in every part of the country and in every type of community, and it must be stopped. We’re working to eradicate dog fighting by assisting in raids and rescues alongside law enforcement agencies and by advocating for stronger laws and sentencing for those who commit this terrible crime. But we can’t do it alone—we need the support of animal advocates like you. Read here for three simple ways to help.

April 8

“National Dog Farting Awareness Day,”  Light a candle for all of the noses that have been burned in the past. We will never forget. For more information see

April 10

National Hug Your Dog Day. “Our dogs deserve all the love and affection we can give them, which is why there’s a special day dedicated just to hugging them. It’s April 10: National Hug Your Dog Day. Hugging your dog releases a hormone in … [humans] called “oxytocin,” informally referred to as “the cuddle hormone.” Not only does a good tight squeeze strengthen your bond, it shows your pet that you care. Today is a day to celebrate your dog for all they do. So grab your dog and give them an extra cuddle today!”  Note from your trainer: most dogs will tolerate hugs from humans they know and are comfortable with, but most dogs don’t enjoy them.  Hug your dog with respect and consent!

April 10

SVPP Lazy Dog Fundraiser,” 11:00 am – 12:00 am (all day eating!), Lazy Dog Restaurant, 5305 Almaden Expressway, San Jose. Join us on National Hug Your Dog Day and support Silicon Valley Pet Project! Bring your friends, family, and furry companions to enjoy a meal and 15% of the proceeds from your meal will be donated to SVPP to help rescue and care for our foster pets. You can also support SVPP with your take-out or curbside order! (Delivery is not eligible for fundraiser support.) Be sure to download the fundraiser flyer and show it to your server!

April 11

“National Pet Day”, everywhere. National Pet Day was founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and to create public awareness about the plight of many different kinds of animals awaiting a forever home in shelters and rescues all around the globe. Almost any non-exotic animal you can think of, from dogs and cats, to small animals, farm animals, reptiles and birds…there are pets who need your love. For more information see

April 13

“Understanding Dog Body Language, with Stacy Braslau-Schneck of Stacy’s Wag’N’Train,” 11-noon, Pup Plaza, 14408 Union Avenue, San Jose. Learn how to read your dogs’ body language to better understand what they are thinking, feeling, and focusing on. This will help you predict their behavior, evaluate your training or behavior modification sessions, and bring you closer to your pup. We will discuss why a wagging tail doesn’t always mean “happy”, and why that cute dog-and-baby moment might not be as heartwarming as you think – except when it is! **This is a lecture only event – please leave your dogs at home!** Stacy Braslau-Schneck, the owner of Stacy’s Wag’N’Train, has been a professional dog trainer for over 25 years. Her intense interest in behavior led her to getting a Master’s degree in “human and animal cognition”, and she continues to upkeep her education to ensure that the teaching and training methods she uses are the most effective and humane for both dogs and their people. She holds several certifications in dog training, teaching, and more from several independent evaluating agencies, and she is happy to talk about dogs, training, and behavior to everyone! You can find her services and read more about her at For more information and to register in advance, see

April 13, 2024

“Front Street Brewfest,” TBA. Front Street, outside the Front Street Shelter and the California Automobile Museum, Sacrament. Join us for a Front Street block party full of beer (and cider, and hard seltzer!) to benefit the Front Street Animal Shelter. Our 4th Brewfest will continue the tradition of closing down Front Street so our supporters can enjoy the unlimited tastings from California breweries and tour the shelter to see the pets available for adoption! For more information see

April 14, 2024

“Doga (Yoga With Your Dog),” 10-11am, Pup Plaza, 14408 Union Avenue, San Jose. Your Doga instructor, will guide you and your pup through a 60-minute yoga practice and provide moments throughout the class for you to bond, reward, and breathe with your dog. Instructor: Yvette. Class fee: $15. For more information and to register see

April 14, 2024

“Ink’d 4 Paws”, 10-7, Flying Dutchman Tattoo Studio, 608 W 2nd St, Antioch. Flying Dutchman Tattoo will be holding a fundraising event for Furry Friends Pet Relief. Check them out at The flash sheet has been posted, each tattoo is $50. First come, first served. There will be a signup sheet to put your name on when you get there. There are lots of local shops and eats to hang out at while you wait for your turn. For more information see Furry Friends’ Facebook.

April 16, 2024

“2nd Annual Animal Advocacy Day,” 9:00 am–4:00 pm, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento. Join animal advocates from across the state for a day of action at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. We invite you to come advocate for animals and their people and meet with elected officials. Feel free to bring a friend! This will be a fun, energizing day, and we will provide you with all the tools you need. Together, we can speak with a powerful voice and make a difference! For more information see

April ?, 2024 (second full week in April)

National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week”, everywhere! The National Animal Care & Control Association is proud to endorse our annual effort to celebrate and promote professionalism within the Animal Control field on the national stage. As with other events designed to promote specific groups, professions, and other important causes, NACA is pleased to provide all the necessary encouragement for all localities who would like to show their appreciation to their Animal Control personnel. We encourage all Animal Control agencies to have a special week of their own to show off their pride and receive recognition for the important services they provide to their communities. This week of appreciation is designed to give recognition to the hard-working men and women of Animal Control who risk their lives and devote huge amounts of personal time and resources, while they serve the public like other public safety and law enforcement agencies empowered with the same duties. For more information see

April ? 2024

“Barkitecture Auction & Gala,” 6:30 p.m. McCormack Hall, 900 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo. Join us on ? for a Greek-themed gala benefit for the Humane Society of the North Bay! This exciting event takes place in the USA World Classics Event Center. It is like a little old-fashioned city with classic cars and artifacts of yesteryear. Family-style food will be served to each table! There will be silent and live auctions, games and entertainment. Last year sold out, so this year, don’t miss out! Proceeds support the programs at the Humane Society of the North Bay. For more information see

April 15

“Tax Day,” USA. Have you filled out your 1040-DOG form?

April 15

“Spring Fling Photoshoot,” 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Pup Plaza, 14408 Union Avenue San Jose. Jodie, one of Silicon Valley Pet Project’s volunteer photographers, will provide you with a 20-minute photo shoot. Jodie takes many photos at our Pup Plaza social events and her work is fantastic! Jodie will send you five (5) edited images within one week of the shoot. All images will be sent via a DropBox link. No further purchases are necessary! This photoshoot will take place in the outside courtyard of Pup Plaza, weather permitting. There will be a mix of candid and posed photos. You are encouraged to bring some props if you’d like and you are welcome to join your pup for photos.  Fee: $50 for 20-minute session. All proceeds support the life-saving work of Silicon Valley Pet Project. To register, see

April 17-23

“National Action Week for Animals (NAWA)” Best Friends’ first annual National Action Week for Animals (NAWA) will begin Monday, April 17. More details can be found at

April 16-22, 2023 (Third Full Week of April starting with Sunday)

“National Pet ID Week”, everywhere. The third week of April has been designated National Pet ID Week. It is a time to increase awareness of the need to properly identify pets. We encourage pet owners to use various pet identification methods to ensure the safe return of their pets should they become lost. For more information see

April 18, 2024 (every third Thursday)

“Reading with Dogs” – 5pm-6pm, Pup Plaza – 14408 Union Avenue, San Jose.  FREE – Children (6+ years old and up) are invited to practice their reading skills with Furry Friends Assisted Therapy at Pup Plaza!  Books (and dogs!) will be provided, but children can bring their own book if they choose.  Pup Plaza provides a casual, fun environment to read in the company of gentle and loving dogs.  Admission is free, no registration required. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  For more info. check out our website at and

April ? 2024

“Chief Solano Kennel Club Dog Show,” Solano County Fairgrounds. It’s about time for Vallejo to be invaded by Pirates and Dogs. The Salty Dog Cluster will be docking April 20th-23rd at the Solano County Fairgrounds. AKC STAR Puppy, CGC and CGCA, And Trick Dog Testing Wednesday 3/8 6:15pm at the Elmira Fire Station 6080 ‘A’ Street, Elmira. Trick Dog participants must bring their own props. For more information, please call: (707) 446-7492 or see

April ? 2024

“McKinley School Dogfest,” 11-4, Duboce Park, San Francisco. DogFest is back! San Francisco’s famous dog- and kid-centric community festival returns for its 15th year. Join us in the heart of the city for doggie contests and treats, games and activities, food and drink, and unbeatable community spirit. See you in Duboce Park! For more information see

April ? 2024

Doggy Dash and Bark in the Park Festival,” 10 AM-1PM; William Land Park, Sacramento. Join us on Saturday, April 22, 2023, at William Land Park for the 30th annual Doggy Dash! Come for the 2k/5k dog walk and stay for the “Bark in the Park” Pet Festival to enjoy food, drinks, games, demos, prizes, meeting adoptable dogs, and so much more! Your registration and participation in the Doggy Dash help the Sacramento SPCA provide direct care to more than 35,000 animals in our community each year. Funds raised at this event provide medical care to sick or injured animals, low-cost vaccinations and spay/neuter services for the community, behavior training, and humane education. For more information see

April 23

“Lost Dog Awareness Day,” everywhere. “All too often, when someone finds a lost and wandering dog along the street, they assume that this dog is a stray, and has no home. Lost Dogs of America (LDOA) was formed to help prove this assumption wrong, and help those wayward mutts find their way back to their owners and friends. The organization was established in 2011, and in 2013 established Lost Dog Awareness Day. Over those years they have helped 42,000 dogs find their way back to their loving homes. Take your pet to a vet and get them microchipped. Then make sure you have plenty of recent photos of your fluff-ball just to make sure you have a lot of recent images of them to help others identify them. Lost Dog Awareness Day is your chance to make a difference in the lives of our furry four-footed family.” For more information, see

April 26

“National Kids & Pets Day”, everywhere. Created in 2005, this day is dedicated to celebrating the magical bond between kids and animals. It helps to bring awareness to the many animals in need of a loving home, as well as educates the public about safety between kids and pets. This day was established to honor the strong connection that kids have with their beloved pets. Children who grow up with pets learn about compassion, responsibility, caregiving, and more. This day also encourages pet adoption through local animal shelters – with an importance placed on safe interactions between kids and pets. Celebrate today by reminiscing about your favorite childhood pet, or bring your children to interact with animals at a local shelter. How did your pets impact your childhood? For more information see

April 27, 2024

“Pet First Aid and CPR Workshop,” 9am-12:30pm, Marin Humane Society.  This hands-on workshop on April 27 teaches lifesaving techniques and preparedness, including basic pet first aid, CPR training, rescue breathing, restraint and muzzling, choking management, poison response, and much more. Workbook and completion certificate included! for more information and to register, see

April 27-28, 2024

” Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern California at Cherry Blossom Festival in Cupertino,” 10-6, Memorial Park, Cupertino. “We are looking for happy people with their friendly Shibas to assist us in helping educate the public about the breed at our booth during the lovely Cherry Blossom Festival in Cupertino on Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th. The event is located at Memorial Park in Cupertino and there is plenty of grass for your Shibas to play on! Our booth will be set up on the lawn between the Food Court off of Alves Drive and the cultural exhibits inside the Quinlan Center. FREE Parking is available across Stevens Creek Blvd at De Anza College. We’d love all of those interested in assisting us to sign-up for a short block of time so that we know who will be coming by our booth at what time each day and how many friendly Shibas you are bringing with you.” For more information see

April 27-28, 2024

“Rattlesnake Avoidance Training through Positive Reinforcement”, 9 am-5 pm, BADdogs Inc, 170 N Maple St, Suite 109, Corona. The techniques utilized in this program are relationship-building and focused on obedience and reliability. They are fun for you and your dog, and help develop a dog who WANTS to work with you! This course can be used to teach your dog to avoid copperheads, cobras, mambas, cottonmouth, or a different type of venomous snake in your local area. This course is designed for trainers to be able to replicate the material as an in-person course in their area and pet parents with basic training skills who want to keep their dogs safe. For more information see

April ? 2024  (Last Wednesday in April)

“International Guide Dog Day”, everywhere. Guide dogs are amongst the most phenomenal animals on the planet, and the difference they make to the lives of those without sight simply cannot be overstated. It is impossible to feel anything but pure love and awe when you witness just how dedicated these guys are to their owners, or, it seems, best friends, and how precious and adorable the relationship the two of them have is. To celebrate these dogs and the patient and talented people who train them, and pay tribute to the important role they each play in our society, people across the world come together to partake in International Guide Dogs Day. It isn’t just those who need Guide Dogs that celebrate this special day, either. The crucial work they do is recognised by everyone, and on International Guide Dogs Day, lots of people like to go out of their way to honour and express their gratitude to these dogs who have impacted the lives of so many. For more information see Guide Dogs Day.

April ? 2023

“Bark For Life,” 10am-2pm, Murphy Park – 1571 Yellowstone Ave. Milpitas. This fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is focused on our canine companions. The American Cancer Society Bark For Life™ is a noncompetitive walk event for dogs and their owners to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer. By supporting Bark For Life, you help the American Cancer Society save lives, and that helps us move closer to our ultimate goal of a world with less cancer and more birthdays. So bring your best canine friend and join us for a fun-filled day starting with a walk, and then continuing with demonstrations, contests, and games. For more information see

April ? 2023

“Annual Wags ‘N Wine – Rescues on the Runway,” 1–4 PM, Guglielmo Winery, 1480 East Main Avenue, Morgan Hill.  Please join South County Tail Waggers for our Annual Wags ‘N Wine – Rescues on the Runway event! We are extremely excited to announce that our Tail Waggers will be escorted down the runway by South County local heroes! Please come out to the beautiful Guglielmo Winery where you will receive a complimentary wine glass to commemorate the day, and where you will enjoy music, complimentary appetizers, $5 glasses of wine, fun photo opportunities, vendor booths, silent auction, runway show, and more! Our adoptable Tail Waggers will be strutting their stuff on the runway and are sure to impress. They will even be available to meet after the show. It is going to be a really fun and exciting event, and we hope to see you there!!! For more information see South County Tail Waggers.

April 27, 2024

“Dog Days at the SF Giants Game” 6:05pm, Oracle Park, San Francisco. “We’re inviting all dog lovers and pup parents to Oracle Park for a PAW-SOME day. Cheer on the Giants as they take on the Pittsburgh Pirates— but before you do, suit up your furry friends in costume for a chance to snag a contest crown. Join us for a pregame on-field parade. Partial proceeds from each special event ticket will benefit the SF SPCA.” For tickets and more information see

April ?, 2024 (last Saturday in April)

“World Veterinary Day”, everywhere. The World Veterinary Day is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April to recognize the work of veterinarians around the world and their contributions to improving animal health and welfare as well as public health. Learn more at

April ?, 2024

Animal Assisted Happiness Night for Smiles Gala Fundraiser,” 4pm, MacArthur Park Restaurant, 27 University Avenue, Palo Alto. Fundraiser for Animal Assisted Happiness. Food, Fun, Wine, Live Auction. For more information see Night For Smiles.

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