Here are some products I recommend for making life better with your dog!

Note that many of these are affiliate links, which means that I get a small credit for each purchase – but there’s no additional cost to you. Updated June 30, 2024.

Training Clickers

If you’re my client, I’ll gladly give you one of my custom-imprinted clickers! Here are some other options

Treat Bags


Generally I recommend soft, small, smelly treats; avoid hard crunchy treats that are less attractive or take more time for the dog to chew up. The exception to that rule is small freeze-dried animal products!

Image of BilJac LittleJacs treat bag

Harnesses – the dog end of the leash

I wish I could just recommend one brand, but there are too many variables between dog body-shapes, fur, and dog’s and human’s general preferences – it would be like definitively recommending a specific brand and style of shoes, assuming that they would work well for every person’s feet!

image of dog harness

  • BalanceThis is considered to be the most ergonomic yet effective “no-pull” harness, not restricting the dog’s movements
  • Freedom – The Freedom harness is considered  slightly less ergonomic than the Balance, but almost as effective for “no-pull”  
  • Front Range – another recommended “no-pull” harness
  • Sleepypod Clickit – car harness that has been crash-tested successfully 

Leash holders – the human end of the leash

Black waist belt with pockets and rings to attach to a leashWristband hands-free leash holderThis device could be a good solution for people who need a secure grip but might have issues with their hands (arthritis, shaking, etc.)

Dog walking belt with pockets

Canicross waist leash – super ergonomic solution to walk or run with your dog attached to your waist, developed for cross country running with dogs

Dog Toys

Chew toys

Food-stuffed chews

Don’t forget to get a toy-cleaning brush to scrub inside of Kongs and similar toys!


Sticky Bone or Groov – can be smeared with peanut butter or canned dog food and attached to the back or floor of a hard-sided crate to help keep the dog occupied

ChewStix, Dogwood, Gorilla Chew – good for dogs who are compelled to chew on wood (furniture, baseboards, sticks, tanbark)

Animal part chew projects:

Safe tug and chase toys

Braided fleece – this long toy puts distance between human skin and canine teeth for safer tug-of-war games

Dog-safe rope – another good tug-of-war toy, which dogs can also chew on safely if they are attracted to rope, carpet fringe, etc.

Flirt pole – Ultimate in safe-for-humans tug toy and chase-it toy; I love letting little kids play tug by “fishing” from the back of a couch to play with a mouthy puppy! 

Hollee Roller – indoor fetch toy that is soft and relatively safe on your decor

Other enrichment toys

Food-dispensing toys – your dog has to interact with these toys to release small amounts of food at a time. Look for toys that have adjustable difficulty levels, and are easy to clean out!

Snufflemats come in so many options now!

iDig – toy that simulates digging for dogs

Health supplements

Probiotics for anxiety issues and general health (for more information see FearFreePets)

Fish oil supplements


Eye stain care – Angel Eyes, Eye Envy 

Mat cutter – actually a letter opener, but can be used to safely cut through mats under ears and other sensitive areas 

Car items

Seat cover/extender – I recommend getting a lighter color cover as it seems to be easier for dogs to see their way in.

Car barrier (baby gate for your back seat!)

No-spill bowl – can be put in a crate or car

Sleepypod Clickit – car harness that has been crash-tested successfully 

Seatbelt tether – this kind clicks into the child-seat LATCH system; others click into a regular seatbelt receptacle

Confinement options


Baby gates/pet gates and other solutions to keep dogs in large-confinement areas

Miscellaneous Hacks

Biothane longline – for sniffaris and hikes where your dog can’t be off-leash.

“Smart” doorbells for dogs to ask to be let out: Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell  or Mighty Paw Bell

Nature’s Miracle – classic enzymatic cleaner solution for pee, poop and vomit accidents (also good for spilled wine and other organic messes) 

Urine Off – another enzymatic cleaning solution, often used in kennels

My Pet Peed – yet another recommended cleaning solution

Adaptil Pheromone Diffuser, Starter Kit

Through A Dog’s Ear/iCalm Pet music speaker

No-spill bowl – can be put in a crate or car

No-spill elevated water bowl

Lixit bottle – can be put in a crate or hung from an ex-pen

Bring water with you:

Counter net – keeps dogs from successfully “counter-surfing” (stealing items off of counters)

Woodrow Wear dog socks – prevent dogs from slipping on floors, protect paws from hot pavements, etc. From a local, San Jose company! 

Tag silencer – holds tags in a little neoprene bag to keep them from jangling, which might annoy you and alert other dogs on a walk 

P-Scoop Dog Urine Collector – when you need to get a pee sample