Use your daily routine to improve your dog’s behavior

“But I don’t have TIME to train”

Yes you do. Training doesn’t have to involve a long commitment of time. Here’s when:

A young brown-and-white border collie looks up expectantly
Any time… your dog is there!
  • During commercial breaks of your TV show – turn the sound down.
  • While your bagel is toasting.
  • While your coffee is brewing or tea is steeping, or the microwave or stove is working on your next meal.
  • While on the phone (remember, you don’t need to give commands when you’re capturing good behavior).
  • While on the toilet (sits, downs, even “come”)
  • Two minutes before your walk – Don’t indicate the walk in any way, just start running your dog through his commands. Reward each correct response. After the last one, say, “Good dog! Wanna go for a walk?” and go get the leash. This is a jackpot!
  • Two minutes before the dog gets to go on a car ride. See above.
  • Every time you let the dog in our out a door (ask for “sit” or a “down” before you open the door).
  • Every time you put down a food or water dish, or food-dispensing toy (ask for “stay” or “leave it” before releasing them to get it).
  • While playing fetch (ask for a “sit” or “down” or other trick before throwing each ball).
  • While your computer is warming up, shutting down, or downloading that slow e-mail or website.
  • When you walk out to pick up the paper or mail (wait at doorways, walk on a loose leash, etc.)
  • Every time you start an interaction with your dog. Don’t interact with him unless he is calm and polite – especially when you first come home. Ignore him (pretend he’s not there, give him the cold shoulder) if he’s being wild or noisy.
Woman in casual clothes and fabulous afro talks out of a kitchen area with a teacup in one hand, and a saucer in the other, with her mixed-breed terrier following at her feet
Tea break is time for dog training!

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