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"Training doesn't limit a dog. Training frees a dog.
My dog, being trained, is free - free to walk with me, free to ride with me,
free to play off-leash with other dogs, free to learn and run.
An untrained dog is "free" to sit in the backyard
where he can get into as little trouble as possible."
- Sue Ailsby

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Independence Day - enjoy the Fourth of July independent of fear and worry!

General Training

NEW! Stress Signs in Dogs - How to read subtle body language

I Never Thought It Would Work, But It Did! - Things you can do to improve your dog's behavior, even if you doubt it

Six Secrets to a Good Dog - the keys to your dog's good behavior.

Don't Say "No!"...? - what clicker trainers really advise to stop bad habits.

Finding Time to Train - use your daily routine to improve your dog's behavior.

Three Truths About Dogs - read this first to gain insight into dog behavior

Quick Fix Tools - a little management goes a long way to helping with behavior problems.

Longer-Term Tools - train incompatible behaviors to solve common problems.

Get Started with Clicker Training  - learn how to use this powerful and fun tool!

One-Week Attention "Fix" - Teach your dog to focus on you, not distractions.

Target Training - teaching your dog to find and follow a target - more useful than you might guess!

Dog Body Language - learn to understand what your dog is "saying"

Friendly Dogs - Prevent aggression and maintain good canine mental health

Games you can play to increase obedience - and have fun!

Dog Parks - what you should know before you go, and where the San Jose-area ones are.

Breeding Your Dog - If you're considering this adventure, be prepared! Guest article by Wendy Dreyer

Mostly for Puppies and New Dogs

Puppy Play-Biting - is your puppy biting you and playing too roughly? Check here for solutions!

House-proofing Your Dog teach your dog to act appropriately in your house, including what not to chew.

Housetraining Your Dog teach your dog where to go to the bathroom.

Before You Get Your Puppy - advice from Dr. Ian Dunbar (PDF file)

Problem Solving

Barking - different kinds of barking and ways you can reduce it or use it. 

Separation Anxiety/Alone training - how to teach your dog to be comfortable when you're gone.

Training The Deaf Dog - just because your dog can't hear doesn't mean that training has to be difficult!


Independence Day - enjoy the Fourth of July independent of fear and worry!

Surviving the Halloween Nightmare - have a safe and happy Halloween with your dog!

Holiday Tips - have safe and happy winter holidays!

Understanding Clicker Training

What is Clicker Training - a short introduction

Stacy's Animal Trainer's Guide - the theory behind animal training

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