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Stacy's Wag'N'Train is on the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley's list of recommended trainers! To find out why, click here.

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Winston and Hobie Cat

"You have a very nice style with the puppies and the humans. Suggestions and corrections are given in a very non-threatening, clear manner that establishes a nice relationship between the owners and you, as well as you and the dogs. [It's] Great socialization for the puppies, nice facility, fun to be surrounded by others who are also crazy about their dogs!" - Kara Weldon and Nikka, Puppy Kindergarten graduates.

"The classes are FUN, while you take our puppies and their training very seriously. I loved the reading materials and I appreciate so much being able to e-mail you with all our questions and getting such great, prompt answers. I have a much better understanding of my puppy's learning process, which ultimately has given me more confidence in our relationship... which has helped me relax and enjoy her so much more!" - Carla Collins and Lola, Puppy Kindergarten graduates.

"I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere created in the class. The "real time" tips and insights to doggie motivation were very helpful. Also, I appreciate the information about resources for events and activities. I learned to be consistent and patient with Simone's moods!" - DJ McGraw and Simone, Companion Dog I graduates.

"Atlas's behavior has improved tremendously on the things we practiced - sit, come, down. We can teach him anything we want with patience and the clicker. We would definitely recommend Stacy's Wag'N'Train" - Julie and Richard Stanton, and Atlas, Puppy Kindergarten graduates.

"I learned how to understand my puppy and the proper way to teach her. You are very good and easy to understand. I'm looking forward to bringing our other dog. Thank you!" - Sandy Shrum and Molly, Puppy Kindergarten graduates.

"I really like this clicker training -- it was new to me and I really think it helped us a great deal. Besides, Stacy is a great trainer. We really look forward to the next obedience class!" - Paul Ravish, Rosie O'Grady, and Nigel, Puppy Nigel Kindergarten graduates.

"Everything you taught was with positive reinforcement. Cali didn't even realize she was working - she was having such a good time. She still loves her training sessions at home. Thanks for being so generous with your 'over time'!" - Ann Markevitch and Cali, Fun Tricks graduates.

"Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. [Clicker Training] is a great start that can be used all of their lives and adapted to get them to learn anything" - Dee Liclican and Bonus, Puppy Kindergarten graduates

"Thank you for helping me train my pet" - Kendy and Katani, Companion Dog I graduates. Katani adds, "I liked your training and all but now I can't chase the cats!"

"Excellent class. Our goal was to get Sunny used to other dogs. We accomplished that and much more! Stacy, your love for our dogs is apparent!" - Elaine and Paul Jae, and Sunny, Puppy Kindergarten graduates. Sunny adds, "Thanks for all the great treats you gave me!"

"Fred, my mixed-breed shelter dog, and I trained with Stacy in a 'Clicker Games' class. We loved Stacy's approach to training, which allowed each dog to learn at his/her own speed and fully encouraged each dog to utilize its own unique problem-solving abilities. Dogs, like kids, need to succeed in order to learn. Stacy's skill and experience in training creates an atmosphere where dogs become engaged in their own learning process, instead of getting bored with the typical regimen of repetitive commands. When Fred and I began training with Stacy, he was still a difficult-to-handle, owner-surrendered dog that I was determined to make into a well-behaved member of my family. Stacy's class helped Fred make that transition in a way that brought out his very best qualities. Training under the right techniques creates a deep bond between the owner and the dog that continues to deepen throughout the dog's life. Fred and I give Stacy '4 Paws'!" - Gina Barnett and Fred, Fun Tricks graduates

Thank You !

Just wanted to send a BIG THANKS!! to you for providing such a valuable time for all of us to get to know and appreciate our puppies and to hopefully, train them too! It was fun and we wish you the very best.
Love, The McGreer Clan

Greetings from Virtual Florist

"Zak and I really enjoyed our classes. I would recommend Stacy to others and if she had another class [at my workplace] I would probably take it" - Debra Dacus and Zak, Companion Dog I graduates

"Stacy has a gift for teaching and for communicating with other species" - anonymous (from an anonymous Companion Dog I class evaluation)

"Very good introductory course - positive relationship with dog. I learned consistency and positive reinforcement" - Alan Seraile and Ashanti, Companion Dog I graduates.

"You're great!" - Bill Fee and Lucas, after a private lesson.

"The dog loves to learn and be trained!"- Eva Schlosser and Cerbus, Companion Dog I graduates

"It was at a great pace. Personal with not too many other dogs. Very comprehensive. [I learned] how to get Misty's attention in the presence of other dogs!" John Price and Misty, Companion Dog I graduates

"Cameo's got a lot of joy in his life; he's much happier. He's practically normal!" Elena Dorabji and Cameo, who used to be painfully shy, after a private lesson.

Stacy's Wag'N'Train is also on the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley's list of recommended trainers! To find out why, click here.

Thanks to Robin Biesterveld and Chelsea from Companion Dog I for the greetings from Blue Mountain Cards

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