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More Theory

Dr. P's Theories of Learning and Dr. P's Dog Training Page

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies' Animal Training and Enrichment page

The Science of Psychology book's Chapter on Learning

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Clicker Pages

Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot The Dog! page. Karen Pryor began as a dolphin trainer and helped bring clicker training to dogs (and other animals). She wrote Don't Shoot The Dog, a great book on using operant conditioning in behavior modification.

Gary Wilkes' Click And Treat page. Gary trademarked "Click and Treat" and has introduced this method to thousands of people around the world. Read his great articles!

The Baileys' home page. The Baileys are the academic heirs of B.F. Skinner, and have worked to apply Operant Conditioning techniques to practical uses with thousands of animals, of seemingly every species!

Lana Mitchell's clicker article in The Canine Times, which also has Diane Richardson's Tips article.

Corally Burmaster's Clickertrain site, an excellent source of clicker information and stories.

Gail Fisher's All Dogs Gym webpage.

Steven King's The Clicker Zone (link currently broken)

Jim Logan's Clicker Training for Lamas page.

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Clicker Training pages in languages other than English. (Please let me know if I guessed your language wrong!)

Dutch clicker training pages: Karen Kooman's Hondengedrag en training, Match Honden advies bureau, and Kwispel hondenopvoeding en gedragstherapie

French clicker training page: Dob Behave and Clicker Training En Suisse.

German clicker training page: Clicker.DE; Martin Pietralla's Clicker Page; and Clicker Traiing.

Swiss German(?): Balance Hundeausbildung and and Clicker Training In Der Schweiz.

Italian: Instruttore On Line and and Clicker Training In Svizzera.

Swedish clicker training page: Erbe Hundkonsult , Dehamns Beardisar and Hund-Biten

Norwegian klickertraining pages: Canis Forlag magazine and Klickertraining mailinglist

Finnish clicker training: Veli-Matti Ahonen's page and Clicker Trainers Club Finland

Spanish clicker training: Angel Dogs

Polish: Lista Dyskusyjna "Kliker", the Polish clicker page, and Alternatywa klub szkoleniowy, Justina Wlodarczyk's training club.

Serb: Clicker Training in Yugoslavia.

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E-Mail Discussion Lists

ClickerSolutions, a friendly, all-positive list discussing effective solutions to training challenges

ClickTrain, a list discussing a wide range of topics of interest to clicker trainers.

Click-L, a more focused list concentrating on clicker training issues. Includes an archives page.

ClickTeach, for clicker trainer instructors.

OC-Assist-Dogs, for people using Operant Conditioning to train assistance or service dogs.

ClickSport, for people interested in training their dogs for various dog sports using a clicker.

Clicker Hunting Dog List.

ClickRyder, for horse trainers. See this other ClickRyder page (a Keeper Page?), too.

BirdClick, for bird trainers.

Cat-Clicker list, for people clicker training their cats!

ORCA - Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals - an animal training interest group based out of the behavior analysis department at University of North Texas.

ARF - Animal Reinforcement Forum - is a mailing list for students and practitioners across the globe in animal training and behavior modification. ARF focuses on reinforcement principles and behavior analysis applied to animals. This forum is not just for animal training, it is also for the modification of animal behavior in ANY area.

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Keeper Pages and Articles

ClickTrain Keeper Page, posts saved from ClickTrain

Elizabeth TeSelle's articles on Clicker Training

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Marge's geographical listing of clicker trainers

Positive Dog Training WebRing - a series of instructors' sites on the web

Association of Pet Dog Trainers - a directory of members of the APDT, which promotes education on the use of positive training. Note that not all members are clicker trainers! (Directory is at the bottom of the page, below "How to Choose A Trainer")

Stacy's Wag'N'Train, dog and puppy clicker training in San Jose, CA.

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Commercial Sites

SitStay GoOut Store!SitStay GoOut Store - great treats, clickers, books, and toys!


DogWise from Direct Book Service, where you can get great clicker books and videos. See the Association of Pet Dog Trainer's Top Ten Books and Videos here!


Karen Pryor's - Karen Pryor's store, where books and videos she has published can be found.



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horsesOther species

BirdClick page, for training birds of all sorts with the clicker.

Clicker Training For Your Horse, Alexandra Kurland's page on training horses with a clicker. Also see the ClickRyder page for more horse training.

dolphinsKewalo Basin Marine Mammal Lab, where Stacy learned to train. Find out about being a 2- or 4-week volunteer dolphin trainer!

Sea World's Animal Training page for marine mammals.

The Baltimore Aquarium's article on marine mammal training.

The Fish School, clicker training for aquarium fish.

Llamas can be clicker trainedJim Logan's Clicker Training for Lamas page, for llamas and alpacas.

Aubrey-Daniels company, using OC to teach human workers better workplace safety.


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More Links

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